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I am a singer/songwriter out of El Dorado Hills, CA.  I am also an instructor teaching voice & piano lessons out of my home recording studio.  I have been teaching since the beginning of 2004. Click on the lessons tab for more information and please email if you are interested in setting something up. 

I would love for you to listen to my songs I have recorded! This EP album consists of piano melodies with guitar rhythms lifted with pure vocals. Lyrics center around finding yourself, finding love and finding a way. 

My first EP album is available through Itunes, Amazon or CD Baby. Please join my Facebook Fan Page so I can update you on upcoming news and events! I hope you enjoy my music which surrounds you with inspiring piano melodies and soothing guitar rhythms. 

I would love to see you around town either at a cafe, on the street, or in a music lounge singing my tunes with my hubby, Russ, and his guitar.. swaying to the melodies that fill the air. 



I am an instructor in El Dorado Hills, teaching voice & piano lessons out of my home recording studio. I only teach on Monday and Wednesday and currently do not have any openings. Please let me know if you would like to be put on my waiting list.

Contact me if you would like to learn to develop your voice and/or piano ability with skill and confidence! I focus on the basics of theory, voice placement & technique, posture, vocal health, performance and much more. A variety of musical styles will be encouraged. Individual lessons will be given on a weekly basis for a thirty minute or an hour session. I feel that practicing outside of the lesson is very important for musical growth. All skill levels are welcome and no previous music experience is required. I usually hold recitals twice a year to give my students the opportunity to perform in front of an audience - it helps them battle stage fright and nerves. 

Rates - $40/30 minute session, $70/one hour session 

**I have recording ability to create audio CDs or mp3s for college admissions, musical theater auditions, high school choir tryouts, and gift ideas for grandparents, relatives, etc.  


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